5 techniques to bet on the lottery every time !!

5 techniques to bet on the lottery every time !!

  1. No one gets a lottery every installment.    You must first understand that There is no one in the world that has been raffle every time. If someone says that you can do that, it is absurd. Because the lottery is actually a story of fortune, fortune Can’t determine it
  2. Divide the reserve funds    Explore how much funding you have. And then divide the money into 3 parts. For example, you have three thousand dollars, should invest in a lottery, not more than 1 thousand, for the reserve time to miss. Because as you said No one is getting a lottery every time.
  3. Buy multiple copies.    Should buy many sets to buy as much as possible To spread the opportunity to be more In principle, ask yourself how bold you are. If not already purchased, will it be acceptable? If you don’t mind, we recommend you to retire from this industry.
  4. Choose to buy according to the amount of capital    The principle that the lottery master will generally buy at 16, 25 and 40 sets. By buying it, depending on which number you like. The numbering of dreams, car registration, birthday, which we have already said is a matter of fate. If you have a fortune, it must be
  5. Do not buy in the dark.    Because the purchase of a lottery is doubly blurred, that is a good loss. High risk of being exhausted And most importantly, do not think that the lottery will make you rich overnight. Because people who think like this are insecure and do not know how many people

Today we have an example of playing from the lottery by the lottery 40 sets, investment 9,000 baht, must have 3 times the capital is 27,000 (beginner should practice from 90 or 900 baht before 10 installments, then go ahead) play the first lottery, invest 40 characters 300 baht each, 12,000 baht, 25% deduction, 3,000 baht paid, 9,000 baht, 300 baht, 70 baht, 21,000 baht, profit 12,000 baht

Finally, as already mentioned above, “There is no one in the world who has been in the lottery every time.” Find a better stable income So anyone who is thinking of starting to play or is having financial problems from the lottery We recommend that you stop better. But if unable to stop, try following our advice May help you some more or less Good luck to you

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