Thai chickens?

Thai chickens?

Thai chicken is a chicken that has a brilliant style. There are both mules and children, hard to find any national chickens, like hugging, riding, crushing, crushing, crushing, locking the feet, hitting the puppies, pulling and pulling through the legs When compared to other national chickens, it is considered that Thai chickens have better taxes than other national chickens. Then why can’t Thai chickens fight foreign chickens? Or only words that are said to be played Or want to promote foreigners But the facts are as follows

Thai chickens and 100% Burmese chickens do not have a chance to hit each other. Or can hit a little more pairs Because the size of Thai chicken and Burmese chicken is different in size, ie, the real Burmese chicken is small and weighs no more than 2.5 kg, which grows to 3.00 kg, with a small amount. There is little to count. Except for wild chicken, Koi which is small, Burmese chickens brought with Thai chickens today Most of them are hybrids. Or the children passing by the Burmese chicken mixed with Thai chicken Is a chicken that has 50% of blood in Burma, some 25% Which will grow about 3.00-3.20 kg. For Burmese hybrids that come with 100% Thai chicken, there is a loss. There is no win. Win every Thai chicken. Therefore, the conclusion that Thai chickens cannot fight with Burmese chickens is therefore not true. Because any hybrid chicken has a tactic like Burmese chicken Is a chicken that can subdue chickens This hen-rooster is a very popular feast. For this reason, he brought the Burmese hybrid chicken to play to solve the chicken-oriented way. In fact, Burmese chickens are lost in the way of chickens, walking, crumbling, hijacking, not far away. Jig after hitting the shoulders, hitting the face, neck, face, hitting, hitting the back, Burmese chickens can’t stand because of thin bones. Take another simple escape Burmese chickens are often allergic to chicken types. Baby face and naked chicken Or strum front Enter the melodious snake doctor because of the snake So if we find the Thai chicken that has such tact. Can fight Burmese chickens Whether it’s 100% children or hybrids

Thai Chicken and Saigon Chicken 100% Thai Chicken and Saigon Chicken have a chance to hit more than Thai chicken with 100% Burmese chickens because of the similar size The fact that Saigon chicken is more prominent than other Thai chicken is a large bone structure. The skin is thicker than Thai chicken, the lung is bigger than the heavy hit, but the Saigon chicken has lingering weakness. Slow, not flexible Leela tactic has a little 100% Saigon Chicken
Not terrible, Thai chickens can fight, that is, we have to find chickens, beat the wound, red encircle, beat the ears, and be sensitive to the mouth. Saigon chicken that he is afraid of today is 100% Saigon, but he is afraid of mixed Saigon mixed with Thai mixed with Burmese because some hybrid Saigon chickens are often sensitive to chicken mouth. Batting and bouncing Plus the structure and skin of a Saigon chicken

The time of collision of each lift The story of the time of each raising in a chicken strike is another reason that the Thai chicken cannot fight the chicken. Because each time of the collision increases from 20 minutes to 23-25 ​​minutes, so that the chickens lose to win more quickly. Which Thai chicken cannot fight foreign chickens here Because Thai chickens are physically smaller than the Saigon chicken Therefore, when extending the time of the strike, Thai chickens will suffocate and be hit during the time from the 20th minute onwards. Therefore must be very exerted Causing very tired, tired In summary, the overall picture Thai chicken can fight with all breeds of foreign chickens. Thai fighters can only ask

Chicken breeders To breed chickens that have a tactic in hitting a sharp hit more than a chicken Do not take the chicken very much to mix with chicken very much as well. The chicks that have become overflowing chickens rarely hit. When he hit it, he played When he was hit and exhausted But if cultivating good chickens with good accuracy, can say that Thai chicken is the best in the world.

Thai chicken is a thin leather chicken Saigon chicken is a thick leather chicken. If hit together with a pivot or a mitten Went to the way of Saigon Kai If hit with Saigon chicken, must hit the natural spur. Saigon chicken can’t find the spur. Because Thai chicken is faster But if hit with Burmese chickens, it is prohibited to release the spur because the Burmese chicken is a spotted chicken

The time limit for each collision must be within 20 minutes. Do not allow more than this.

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