Football betting

Football betting

Football betting on this second is something that is gaining popularity in our home. But if looking at the numbers in foreign countries And looking deeper, it can be seen that our house is at a general average level Not outstanding than anywhere else In this article, we would like to offer general gambling. Take the numbers and statistics to see if Other houses, other cities Does he play gambling and what is the proportion of the population?


About 450,000 people or 16% of British children aged 11-15 years have experience in gambling.

In England, gambling is legal. And this arrangement of the British is appreciated from all over the world. There is a Gambling Commission to look after and regulate the restriction of children from gambling. However, in the 2016 survey, over 16% of British children have experience playing. Gambling

Popular gambling of British children is not ฟุตบอล Football predictions’ that England exported around the world By gambling, the most popular English children play. There are 2 types: slot machines, fruit machines (Fruit Machines) according to the game cabinet shop. By pub or club And gambling among friends, followed by playing cards with friends, lotteries, lotto and bingo in the bingo club

But in the end, according to a survey in 2016, it was stated that there were only 0.4 percent of British children who had problems with gambling.


From one of Statista’s surveys in 2017 The number of 45% is the proportion of players playing sports in the United States. With the reason that “Gambling, sports results to add more interest / excitement When they watch that sport too ”

There are also other interesting reasons, for example, “Want to try deals with risks” at 15% “Want to bring your own sports knowledge to do something” at 14% and “want to play indifferently by Don’t know the cause “, another 9%, etc.

The team would like to present two big countries. Which is the origin of gambling on this planet Before ending with something interesting, such as “falling the ball”

Think that this question has been outstanding in the mind of the reader for a long time. Is there a real ball falling? And if there is, how much of the proportion is employed Which league is the most dangerous? And which league is quite white, clean, safe from concerns about locking the results of the competition

Data from the 2016 FIFPro Global Employment Report, which surveyed the status and conditions of footballers through questionnaires, 13,876 people in 87 leagues from 53 countries. That had been contacted by the movement แข่งขัน Match results’ (Match-fixing or ‘Falling ball’) followed by 31.30% of the Congo Football League, Kazakhstan 25.30% League, Zimbabwe League 19.00% and Cyprus League 18.60%

Of all the 13,876 people in 87 leagues from 53 countries, there are only footballers in the ‘Romania League. The only country that answers the questionnaire has never been contacted to fall the ball

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